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Lori Hyland

             “My work becomes a matter of discovery and investigation;

                   creation as well as destruction with every moment new

                                                 forms taking place.”

             Lori Hyland is a native Californian and Los Angeles-based artist
             specializing in large-scale abstract paintings. Hyland graduated
             from the University of Southern California before studying life
             drawing and classical art at Pratt Institute and School of Visual
             Arts in New York. She furthered her training in the traditional
             Japanese Sumi-e with Koho Sensei and figurative modalities
             with Artist Tom Wudl.
             Hyland is inspired by her natural surroundings, internalizing
             all energy and light sources to arouse her artistic expression.
             This process is clearly echoed in her paintings, which exude a
             fundamentally abstract reflection of color.

             Much of Hyland’s work is constructed by closely placing to-
             gether small grids of color to encourage refraction. “By them-
             selves, the [small grids of color] have little meaning but placed
             in the  whole  reveal  several  levels of symbolism  leading  to  a
             meaningful statement”. Fascinatingly, each piece of Hyland’s
             artwork comes with a signature full-spectrum color bar, identi-
             fying and complementing the piece itself.

             Hyland’s work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the
             United States in galleries and art fairs. Her most recent exhi-
             bition is “Magnetic Collective,” at The Standard Oil Building
             (257 N. Canon Dr.) in Beverly Hills.

             Left, NIKE GODDESS OF VICTORY, Oil on Canvas (36 x 48’’)

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