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                    Art Drives Creativity;

                    Creativity Drives Society.

                    As publisher of Arts Management Magazine, I am proud to present The Future Issue, dedicated to Arts Man-
                    agement Cofounder, futurist and author of Future Shock and The Third Wave, Alvin Toffler.

                    Art drives creativity; creativity drives society. The AMM mission to offer emerging generations the creativity
                    to meet unforeseen challenges through the Arts, Innovation and Philanthropy is now more crucial than ever.

                    We explore the future of the art world with two interviews. First, with Professor Dr. Meinel, the foremost au-
                    thority on how the blockchain can offer transparency and facilitate fractionalization in the art world; next, with
                    the Artemesium tech team, who will use blockchain to fractionalize fine art for the masses – so anyone “can
                    own a part of a Rembrandt.”

                    In this issue, we offer a new section: AMM ExChange. This issue embraces Arts, Innovation and Philanthropy
                    in China and how it affects the global community. I will share Mr. Toffler’s last correspondence with me, as
                    The Third Wave was the second-most-read book in China in the 80’s and Toffler is considered one of the most
                    influential Westerners to China’s new prosperity. Along with this, we will feature David Houle, a world-leading
                    futurist and Toffler’s heir apparent. We are also pleased to have a reprint from the CEO Forum, specifically
                    its founder’s interview with Zuora’s CEO, Tien Tzuo, who pioneered the subscription models now being used
                    by Amazon, Netflix and Google. We are proud to announce AMM’s partnership with Society & Diplomatic
                    Review, a United Nations-accredited publication and its founder, Dame Gloria Starr Kins. This issue also
                    explores the Chinese city of Hangzhou, what many are calling a “new Silicon Valley,” and features interviews
                    with artists, philanthropists and other thought leaders, including tech investment guru, Harry Edelson.

                    Our cover story is on photographer Marcia Resnick intimately capturing Mick Jagger, along with a profile of
                    her recently republished book, Re-visions.  See also a story on artists from Lori Hyland’s provocative and beau-
                    tiful work, which is also imbedded in the AMM cover logo, and our critical review of newcomer Qiheng Liu.
                    But perhaps the most stunning feature is of a lesser known great master of our time, Omiros, and his incredible
                    Byzantine works, one of which was recently gifted to His Holiness Pope Francis.

                    As always, this issue of AMM will highlight some wonderful charities, such as Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Kitchen,
                    Ne-Yo’s important work embracing tech for kids, and Dame Dr. Munni Irone’s progressive philanthropy and
                    her “Art 4 Peace” Awards organization. Finally, we offer inspiration with best-selling author, Jerry Gladstone’s
                    pieces on Snoop Dogg and Sylvester Stallone and Academy Award-winning Rocky songstress, Carol Connors.

                                                                                     Michael Reiss CEO & Publisher
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